about Twatter

What The Twatter?

I'll be honest, this is largely a social experiment. The story, which I'll explain in a moment, came up during a family gathering and led to me purchasing a domain (this one, as well as a couple others) about it. After getting the domain, we started to discuss Twatter products, and it was such a catchy term that I knew we needed to make something out of it.


Aside from selling merchandise, and playing on the word Twatter as much as humanly possible, we really wanted to do something that makes a difference. That is the driving force behind this site. On this site we will share articles, products, and information in general about women's rights, wellbeing, and anything else women related that folks want to see.


If this site manages to generate profit, I give you my word that I will find, research, and distribute the funds to either reputable women related charities, or women that are truly in need, and I will document that information right here for you to read, in the most transparent method possible. I personally am tired of charities that wind up with ridiculously low funding coming out the other end, so I would do anything in my power to avoid such a scenario.

Behind The Twatter

While some may not find this all that entertaining, the number of margaritas involved helped create a lasting Twatter memory that led to this very site. 

My girlfriend (or hopefully still, based on when you’re reading this) had her sisters and mom out to our house for Cinco De Mayo in 2022. As mentioned, there were a number of rather strong margaritas involved (oddly unrelated, they were Stone Cold Steve Austin’s recipe he shared during an interview), so everyone was pretty buzzed. It was May in Phoenix, AZ, so we were all hanging in and around the pool. Her mom comes out (margarita in hand), walks down the stairs into the pool, and after the water hits about waist high, she exclaims “Oh! My Twatter!!!”, while grabbing her nether regions. We all started dying, as none of us had heard it referred to as a Twatter, let alone from her 20 something (70 something) year old mother!